Koetter Will Not Fire DC Mike Smith


Many fans have been screaming for Mike Smith’s head on a pike and displayed for all future would-be DC’s, but what does Koetter think about that?

“We fire Mike Smith. Okay, then what would the next move be? Changing one person when we had things go wrong at all levels yesterday, as I said yesterday, we as coaches have got to coach better and that starts with me. But Mike Smith didn’t miss any tackles. He didn’t rush the passer. He didn’t blow any coverages. He didn’t have any communication errors.'”

Koetter makes a point. If he fires Mike Smith and then what? Many fans could care less as it couldn’t get any worse than it is now, but there is no one on the team that has been an NFL DC in the last ten years, and promoting Buckner as good as it sounds, is not going to correct any issues, rather create more.

During the upcoming offseason, if promoting Buckner is an option that would be an opportune time to do so.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the worst pass defense in the league and have hovered around there for the past few years.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Buccaneers have the worst scoring defense in the league, allowing 139 points through four games (34.8). They are 31st in stopping the pass, allowing 358 yards through the air. Opposing quarterbacks are completing 77.1 percent of their passes, which is also worst in the NFL.

In my opinion, Koetter does need to make a move during the bye week, however, it is not likely that Mike Smith will be fired. Koetter also addressed the “he won’t fire his buddy” gossip.

“First off, let’s get one thing straight: It has zero to do with relationships. Okay? None of this is about relationships. This is a business. This is how I make my living and it’s how every guy in this building makes his living so we can put that one to rest.”

To say the least, if at the end of the season, things do not turn around on defense, I would think then that Mike Smith would have to be fired. Considering that he has not been fired nor has GM Jason Licht made a move to correct the defensive coaching, makes one wonder if this season will seal the fate of our GM, HC, and DC, not only in Tampa but possibly the league.

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