Worst to First


Not since 2007 have the Buccaneers stood proudly on top of the NFC South. Since wining the division in the inaugural season of the South the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have only won the division twice more. That’s some depressing reading right there, so how does that change?

Despite 5 horrific quarters of football, this current Tampa team is primed to compete. Boasting the most prolific offense in the NFL after 5 weeks, the Bucs have shown that big play after big play translates to wins. Looking around the other teams in the NFC South they all have weaknesses and are in decline; meanwhile the Buccaneers are on the rise. This year more than any other is the Bucs chance to seize the crown of the NFC South and provide fans with something they haven’t been able to cheer for over a decade.

Why could they fail? If the Buccaneers don’t claim the NFC South title after 16 games it falls squarely on the defense, or lack of. The offense has all the weapons in place and the players are being used to their strengths. A few additions could turn them into the most feared unit in the NFL, not something Bucs fans are used to. So why can’t the defense join the party? With some star players and potential on the defensive side of the ball the fact that the defense is currently one of the worst in football right now is the biggest threat to the Buccaneers having a winning season.

As I said during my show, BritBuc’s Bites, looking at the schedule I can see the Bucs reigning  the South with an 11-5 record, this team is certainly capable of that but needs the defense to be at least average.