It’s Time For The Glazer Family To Sell The Bucs


***Opinion Editorial***

Since the Tampa Buccaneers glorious Super Bowl win in 2002, it has been a rough ride for the team and its fans. It has been 11 years since a post season berth and 16 years since a post season win, and they are on their 4th head coach in that same time span, all of whom were inadequate in one facet or another.

The Glazers had the makings of a successful roster and all the right cogs working in sync, which gradually progressed their team to a Super Bowl win. Since then, it has been complete dysfunction. The inadequacies of this team have been pegged on the coaching staff and general manager in a seemingly rotational manner. New faces, but same results. If this season goes like the others, it may be time to review where the problem really starts—at the top, the owners.

Without a question the Glazer family has always been centrally focused on soccer with their cash-cow Manchester United team in England, to the point that it seems that American football is an afterthought and may not get the same careful consideration as their other franchise.

Yes, much of this is speculative, but for good reason. One must question if the Glazers are fully dedicated and capable of making this franchise successful. Can they bring in legitimate head coaches with good pedigrees to get the most out of the talent we have? Or is this team simply a foreign investment for them to dabble in?

In my opinion it’s the latter, the worst. At best they have the best intentions, but not the capability to make them happen. Success and failure ultimately start and end at the top. And with that thought, maybe it’s best for ownership to switch hands.