A Terrible Truth.


The last time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have beaten a team with a rookie QB at the helm was in 2013 when the Bucs defeated the Buffalo Bills and rookie QB E.J. Manuel.

That fact is definitely a scary one for any Bucs fan who know that this game is a must-win for the Pewter Pirates.

But there is another terrible truth that plays to the Bucs favor, and that is the fact that the Browns have an away game losing streak of 23. Their last road win was in Baltimore on October 11, 2015. They beat the Ravens 33-30 in overtime.

When it comes to football history often repeats itself, and considering both of these teams, so this game is up for grabs. Both teams are forced into a must-win situation in order to salvage their seasons. Let’s hope that fate smiles on Tampa Bay this Sunday.