Warren Sapp’s Play Breakdown Strikes a Nerve with Two Bucs Linebackers


Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Warren Sapp struck a nerve with Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander this week with his breakdown of a portion of film from Sunday’s game against the Panthers via his Instagram. The portion of film he posted was of Christian McCaffrey’s second quarter 35-yard run. It was a play that led to the Panthers scoring a touchdown and furthering their lead against the Bucs 28-7.

During the video you can hear Sapp’s voiceover critiquing the play. “8-man front gone wrong. Holy Toledo, c’mon, this is not a hard play,” he’s heard saying before stopping the video to better break down when Lavonte David goes in to pull Carolina’s Mark Kalil in front of McCaffrey and gets pushed inside. McCaffrey breaks free on the outside and makes a significant run down the sideline.

“When you’re playing this defense and they pull and tug around, the train is free, and you got the lineman running, you gotta go outside and make this running back cut right back. There’s your free hitter. Just that simple, no more no less,” Sapp says as the video continues to play.

Lavonte David responded by commenting, “Dead wrong.” Kwon Alexander also jumped on and commented, “Bro, they don’t know what they be talking about (laughing emoji). He just like those mfs!”  David added, “At all, and they feeding off of it.”

Sapp responded to both David and Alexander asking who their comments were directed at, to which Kwon replied, “You.”

The back-and-forth continued with Sapp responding to Alexander, “So tell US what you was supposed to do if not turn it back to the free hitter sitting in the Hole!?”

He also responds to David, “We waiting? Damn sure went under the block and RB still going must be the plan! #30PlusWeekly”

The comments have since been deleted from the original post because the argument got heated, not only between Sapp, David and Alexander, but also fans chiming in. The video is still up, though, and can be seen on Sapp’s Instagram feed here.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Sapp said he wasn’t surprised by the reactions he got from the players, saying, “These kids are playing their own game and have their own network of admirers.”

Bucs defensive coordinator Mark Duffner also responded to Sapp’s Instagram post, saying via Tampa Bay Times, “I respect people’s opinions. But again, we continue to work hard to put people in the right position and players work hard to be in the right position and that’s our task and that’s our job and that’s our challenge and we’re going to continue to work hard for it.”

You can find the full article here.