The Blame Game


Fans can finally breathe again. After 10 weeks of frustration and false hope the season is over. Winston wasn’t in the game, but the offense still turned the ball over four times. Of course, the defense didn’t record a turnover. With six trips to the Red Zone and just three points, the offense joined the defense in falling apart and forgetting how to play football.

Bizarrely, anyone who argued that yesterday saw the best defensive performance would have a point. Conceding just 16 points is typically a good day at the office for an NFL defense. The Bucs dominated in yards and time of possession. Normally that will be good for a win in the NFL. The Bucs had the ball ten times in the game, recording these stats:

1 made FG

1 punt

2 missed FG

2 fumbles

2 interceptions

2 out of time at Q2 and Q4

If that isn’t a show of ineptitude, I can’t wait to see what you think is worse. Despite not agreeing with some play calls, I don’t blame Todd Monken. Sometimes the Redskins moved the ball too easily. After just 16 points I don’t really blame Duffner.

Who do I blame for this shower?

Jason Licht! The GM is responsible for the roster top to bottom. The trade window came and went without movement. Teams have moved to pick up the best remaining free agents. Again Licht has stood mute. By essentially doing nothing, Licht has nailed his flag to the mast and said this is the best the team can be. No one available could have provided competitive play on a roster devoid of belief. No better depth was available.

Well, Jason, you were wrong! You lost your chance to provide a boost to the team. You most likely have lost your job.