Dirk Koetter Took Over Play-Calling Duties


Sunday’s game against the Redskins was, dare I say it, disastrous! How in the world does a team walk away with only 3 points on the board after 501 yards of total offense? It just does not add up.

That’s the sentiment that echoed through the stands from Bucs fans who couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Many of them got up and left with 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter, saying they just could not watch anymore. I sat there pretty stunned myself but held on to the hope that they could somehow turn it around. Unfortunately, the Redskins walked away winners with a final score of 16-3.

Let’s see, the Bucs missed two field goal attempts, threw two interceptions, lost two fumbles, and gave up eight sacks. The offense was just off in so many ways.
During his post-game interview Coach Koetter revealed that he took over play-calling from offensive coordinator Todd Monken for the duration of the game. When asked what his reasons were for doing so, he chalked it up to him having his “own reasons,” with little more explanation other than it was his first time this year calling plays.

When talking about the loss, he did go on to say that they just “weren’t good enough as a team.” He did take on the majority of the blame, adding, “That starts with me and permeates down through everybody else on the offense. To move the ball like that and only come up with three points, you’re just not going to win that way.”
When questions about his job security were asked, Koetter answered with, “It starts with me and it ends with me, so that’s somebody else’s decision” (see full article here).

There has not been any word yet on whether Koetter will continue calling plays or on his future with the team.