Koetter Returns Reigns To Monken


After last week’s failure, Dirk Koetter has returned the offensive play calling to his OC Todd Monken.

In a head-scratcher of a move, Koetter decided to take over play-calling last week. Koetter stated he has his reasons for taking over the play calling, leaving everyone to guess as to what his reasoning was.

Despite only scoring three points, the Buccaneers offense put up an incredible 501 yards of offense which is a record amount of yards for such a low score. But why did Koetter decide to change his mind and take over play calling and why that particular game?

I could spend all day speculating as to why, and so can you, but Koetter, recently, gave a little insight into his reasoning. Koetter stated he wanted to establish the run game early, to keep the defense off the field longer.

I get that. Maintaining time of possession does allow the defense to stay off the field longer, and as a result, hindering the opposing team’s chances of scoring. In other words, Koetter believes the defense stinks.

Face facts: Koetter is only here because of, what was thought to be, his ability to develop Jameis Winston. Again, we see that is also exacting an opposite effect.

Koetter’s decision to return Monken to calling the plays is one of his best moves this season. Although I believe, it will not help him retain his job.

Surprisingly, the Buccaneers passing offense is ranked number one in the NFL. Sadly the Buccaneers are 3-6.

Todd Monken calling plays certainly gives the Buccaneers the best chance to win, however, even with our high flying offensive potential, the season has reached the point to where it’s too little too late.