One in Whatever


After a crazy two weeks in the NFL the Bucs are playing meaningful football in December. Isn’t that what every fan wants?

Yes, the odds aren’t great meaning that every game is must win. Sitting at 5-7 officially the Buccaneers are 1.5 games back and hold the 6th seed for the wildcard positions. This is where it gets interesting. The Bucs are getting hot at exactly the right time and with several teams above them hiring losing streaks now is the time to keep the momentum going.

For many fans, including myself, the season was over with the loss to Washington and all to play for was draft position. Many might be pessimistic to say it won’t happen. I’ll atick to being an optimist for now and to quote JP from the 1994 movie “Angels in the outfield” It could happen. For the Same reason teams still run a play on 3rd and forever, there is a chance.

With the Bucs closing out the year against the Saints, Ravens, Cowboys and Falcons anything could happen. Yes the Saints are leading the way in the NFC South, but division games are a crapshoot and it’s not unbelievable that the Bucs could win.

This year 9-7 could be enough to make the post season. At least it’s football that matters. Tune into BritBuc’s Bites today at 1.00 EST where I’ll be breaking down playoff implications.