BritBuc’s Power Ranking Review


With a 2-game winning streak, Bucs fans are forgiven for sneaking a look at the latest power ranking. Many fans might be disappointed to see Sports Illustrated place Tampa Bay at 25.

The fact is that one of those wins came against the lowly 49ers, who are competing with Oakland for the first overall pick. While many fans are hoping for a bit more love after beating the 14th-ranked Panthers, they are also on a skid. At this point in the season the 5-7 record is the ruling factor when placing the Bucs at 25.

Tampa plays the number 1-ranked New Orleans Saints next week. That game will be followed by the 13th-ranked Ravens and the Cowboys, who currently occupy place 7. The season then concludes against the 4-8 Atlanta Falcons, who are in 21st. Win those games, and the Buccaneers ranking will surely improve. Or perhaps as the superior ranking of the Falcons shows despite the poorer record, the Bucs just don’t get a lot of love.

The problem that Bucs fans will always have is that for a small market team, not a lot is really known. Many times reporters just make an assessment off the available stats printed on paper, and it shows.

I’m fine flying under the radar. How about you?