Wrecked Ship


Jameis played an okay game. Clean with no turnovers or bad decisions. (I don’t count the interception at the end. That’s just a do-or-die situation.) Still some accuracy problems, but weather could have been a factor. Winston didn’t lose the game.

Special teams coaching has to go. Everyone seems to think it’s always the kicker. Well, it can’t be all kickers. That unit hasn’t played well yet except for a few games here and there. ST coaches need to walk the plank.

Donovan Smith.
Ryan Jenson.
Demar Dotson.

I do not know if Koetter took back play calling duties from Monken again or not. So I’m just going to say this: whoever decided it was smart to call run plays on every first down—plank.

Defense gets praise. That is pretty much the only aspect I felt worthy of it. The offense didn’t help at all, handing back the ball every three downs to our defense, which had been on the field far too long and still gave the offense extra attempts to do something with two turnovers. Defense, kudos to you.

This game was far more disheartening than if we would have been blown out of the water in the very first quarter. We had hope for two and a half quarters. These kinds of losses make us think, “What if?” What if we hadn’t gotten those crucial penalties? What if we had made those two field goals? What if we were just a bit better here or there?

We aren’t, though. And now were looking forward to the Ravens, Cowboys and Falcons in hopes of finishing strong.

Till next week, everyone. Go Bucs!

Written by Johnny Dean