Is Lamar Jackson Michael Vick 2.0?


Bucs face a big challenge this weekend in facing a young quarterback who is known for his “escapability” out of the pocket.

Lamar Jackson can run, plain and simple. The fact that Jackson has put 336 yards on the ground and 3 rushing TDs in the 4 games he’s started, proves that he has running skills.

Not only will the Rookie QB test the Buccaneers lineman, but he will test the Buccaneers entire defense.

It’s always difficult when you face a running QB, and Tampa knows this, so they will undoubtedly plan for the challenge. QB spy and multiple blitzing schemes will need to be used in order to help contain the dual threat. Must have a body in his face at all times.

Jackson has put over 70 yards on the ground per game, since starting 4 weeks ago, but Joe Flacco is active this week and could be utilized as well. Bucs have to game plan for both QBs.

If Tampa cannot contain Jackson, they could be faced with a similar situation they did with the Chicago Bears earlier this season. A stingy defense and a mobile QB, who can strike hard fast. It would be best to keep Jackson off of the field as long as possible, by wearing down that defense with long drives.

The game plan for Joe Flacco will be much different and in my opinion much easier. So, as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather see Flacco out there than Jackson. It’s easier to throw down a defensive scheme for a pocket passer than it is for a QB who poses a dual threat.