The Bucs Front Office Better Have A Good Plan For Black Monday


This season has been a frustrating one for Bucs fans. With so much talent, potential, and optimism early in the season, after a fast start. It had Bucs fans hoping that this year was different, that the Bucs could break out of their losing ways. Reality revealed otherwise though, and forced fans to recognize that this year’s Koetter Bucs are no different than last year.

With reports coming out today that the Bucs are actively looking for Koetter’s replacement, Dirk is certainly calling his last plays for the Bucs. The sad part is he seems rather apathetic to that point. Take the crucial 4th down in the 4th quarter, for example where he calls an uninspiring predictable play that had no chance. Dirk days are numbered, and despite having to restart with a new head coach, a fresh start is needed. For the sake of the franchise.

That said, the Glazers and the entire front office better have a good plan, once Black Monday rolls around. There is no reason that the announcement of a McCarthy (or similar reputable head coach) should not come shortly, after the announcement of Dirk Koetter’s official dismissal. They have had a long, hard season to figure out the best succession plan possible in the NFL.

Until then we wait.