What Does ‘It’s a Bucs Life’ Mean to You?


Every year the Buccaneers’ marketing team comes up with a slogan for the season, like Fire the Cannons, Wreak Havoc, Siege the Day, etc. The one that I still think of and say almost daily is It’s a Bucs Life.

What does that saying mean? Well, to me it means a few things, disappointment being one of them—when the Bucs screw up a play, lose a game they should have won, travel to a game to be disappointed, and so many other examples. Now we all say It’s a Bucs Life because we who have been long time fans have nothing left to say. My kids come home, and they ask whether the Bucs won, and I say no. They respond back to me that It’s a Bucs Life. Well, I could think about all the negative, but I am going to take a different angle.

It’s a Bucs Life goes back to when I was a kid sitting at the Tampa Stadium with my dad when we were going through the double digit losing streak. We would sit in the end zone together and think, What if the Bucs could get to .500? This place would go crazy. I also remember many days at Peppin Stadium at UT watching training with my Dad and, yes, sitting through the three-a-days with Ray Perkins. I think that’s where my Bucs Life started. I have to thank my Dad for making me a Bucs die-hard. When Ronde returned the ball against Philly I was living in NJ. I called him and cried on the phone with him, saying, “They did it, they did it.”  I knew then I was living a Bucs Life.

It’s a Bucs Life now means more, and yes, it hurts to lose year after year after year. I think also about the last few years, how I learned how this losing franchise has a worldwide fanbase.  I have lived out west in Vegas (yes, I am the Craig in Vegas caller on Radio & Other Shows) now for over 14 years and didn’t realize this losing franchise had so many die-hard fans. When I go to road games I ask so many people, “How did you become a fan? Have you ever been to Tampa? What makes you love the Bucs?”  I love hearing the stories. It’s so cool to hear how and what Tampa, my hometown, means to them.

It’s a Bucs Life is now a group of us Buccaholics that come together on Sunday with our families and have a fun time at my house. The kids are playing together while most of us are stressing over the game. We tell stories about life, games, the Bucs, etc. Most of the time the outcome is not what we want, but the Bucs Life we share together is fun. We provide a fun time for our families and a safe place for them to hang out in this crazy world because we live the Bucs Life.

It’s a Bucs Life means so much to so many people. So as we head into the holidays knowing the season is coming to an end, just think about all the good things that have happened in your life because you live a Bucs Life. The trips to games, the time with your family, the great tailgates you attend, and new friends you make because we all live the Bucs Life. I know the losses hurt more than ever, but the smiles on our faces when we see each other living the Bucs Life together makes the losing hurt a little less. The Bucs Life is more than football; it’s the bond among all of us in this crazy Bucs Nation.

So have a great holiday season and enjoy the non-football stuff that the Bucs Life has given you. Please comment with some fun stories you have from your Bucs Life.

Happy Holidays and enjoy the Bucs Life (even we when we lose)!