Johnny’s Potential Picks


It’s the time of year now when Buccaneer fans begin turning their attention to post-football season topics. Coaching changes are always a huge concern, and depending on the age of the fan, most have seen their share of these. That topic is tiring and pretty worn out for fans these days. The next thing always on fan’s minds is the draft.

I’m doing a series on future prospects based on
1. Need
2. Fan popularity
3. Versatility (Because when looking at these we still don’t know who our Head Coach or General Manager are actually going to be.)
4. Draft position

It’s a long time between now and draft day, so this project may indeed help some fans brush up on prospective draftees. I will be using current draft profiles garnered from various sites to give an accurate profile as the scouts see them. It’s my way of killing time and remaining informed during the post season. So here we go. First up:

Trey Adams
Washington Huskies
Recruitment rating: ☆☆☆☆
HT: 6’7”
WT: 327 pounds
Trey Adams has a first round grade.

The reason I’m going OT here in the first round should be obvious to any who have seen the inconsistent run blocking from our team this year.

“PROS: Not threatened at all by almost any rush plan. Has the functional strength and flexibility to withstand bull rushes and length and quickness to smother two-way goes. Patience, balance, and timing in kick slide and with hands are elite. Frames rushers easily from all DE alignments with powerful, effortless kick slide and a wide base. Keeps hands cocked until last minute, landing punches with excellent location and good power. Grip strength is great; can gain control of shoulder pads and ragdoll rushers” (The Draft Network, 2019 NFL Draft Player Profile: Trey Adams).

Trey Adams appears to be a great fit for a team that is void of quality players at this position.

This is just the first of many prospects we unearth this offseason. Stay tuned. I will be getting to your favorites soon.

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Written by Johnny Dean. Profile taken from The Draft Network. See full player profile here.