Facts About Bucs’ Current Reign of Futility


Since 2010, the last time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers registered double digit wins with 10-6, they have gone 43-85.

That’s a 34 percent winning rate with only two winning seasons, which averages to 5-11 every season. There’s really no why or how anymore. It just is, as the chaos of revolving coaches has shown. With the chance of Dirk Koetter being fired at season’s end being decent, that’ll be four coaches in 8 seasons and zero playoff appearances.

Hell, even the Raiders made the playoffs at least once in that span with then head coach Jack Del Rio. The only other team with as bad a playoff drought is the Cleveland Browns.

Is there anything to build off of in 2018 to get into 2019? It depends what hand the Glazer family decides to place since they show a stoic poker face when it comes to front office decisions. General Manager Jason Licht stands even less of a chance of keeping his job than Koetter. When the dust is settled after the front office house cleaning, we may finally see who emerges from the rubble. We’ll see which players will remain in the reformed regime.

Once the final game is played, you may hear of more who feel similar to DeSean Jackson in wanting out. When that happens, all bets are off.