Who Stays And Who Goes


Jason Licht has survived, at least into 2020.
In a previous article I wrote for Bucs Report I said I believed Licht may not lose his job if he agreed to fire Koetter.

Plenty of Bucs fans are already debating on who that will be. You really don’t need me running off the most popular names here right now.
So I am going in a different direction with this.

Talent Evaluation:
We have all sat in front of our TVs and in the stadiums on Sundays and yelled at blown plays and missed tackles , and I’m sure each of you have you’re favorite players to love and hate.
We all were pretty much in unison about coaching.
That said. Who survives the cuts to come?

A new HC and staff will have a lot to consider. And depending on scheme each player on the team could easily be a target for removel.
Let’s start with some easy ones first.

Who stays?
Mike Evans
Lavonte David
Vita Vea
Payton Barber
Ali Marpett
Donovan Smith
Vernon Hargreaves
Jameis Winston

Those players are locks.
Adam Humphries leads a list that will likely but not guaranteed to be kept due to salary.

The rest of the team is up for grabs and it will be the new HC and Licht who will evaluate and determine their fate.
Most of the offensive line may be in trouble.
The defense may take some hits as well.
But there are going to be players kept as well who we all feel shouldn’t be due to position and lack of depth alone.( Donovan Smith) So there’s that also.
There is also the fact we really don’t know how much of the performance issues were player development, lack of ability , or just piss poor coaching.
In the coming weeks and months we will be finding the answers to these questions.
Until then let’s enjoy the anticipation and look forward with hope in this new year.
Go bucs.

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Written by, Johnny Dean