Better Value Later in the Draft


The playoffs haven’t even started yet, and there’s already a ton of talk about the Bucs draft. Tampa has the 5th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, and that is causing almost as much buzz as who’s going to be the new HC. (At the time I am writing this, that has yet to be determined.)

Greedy Williams, Josh Allen, Nick Bosa—those names are drawing the most attention. But what fans aren’t noticing this year is the later round talent in this draft.

2nd, 3rd, and even 4th-round talent this year have 1st-round grades on them. Yeah, that’s right. Talk about bargain shopping.

So here’s my point. The Bucs need O-Line. They need secondary help. They could even get a RB to help the run game if they address the O-line situation. The Bucs only have 6 picks in this draft. Do you actually want to go into this draft and not fill those holes? I don’t want to hear linemen in free agency. Teams do not let good linemen walk! Look at our own attempts to find those already.

So yell, scream and cuss me all you want. The Bucs need to trade completely out of the first round. The trade for the 5th pick will bring us a lower first rounder, plus a 2nd and possibly a 3rd. Trade that first for another 2nd and 3rd. Continue until we are out of the round (Bill Belichick style). Gather up as many picks as possible in those two rounds, and this team can draft itself into being playoff contenders. It increases depth and it brings us competition to put the best product on the field.

Or we can get excited about one player at 5 and two more good players at 2 and 3. Then we’re overspending to replace holes through FA. Wash, rinse, repeat process next year and the year after ‘til someone figures it out.

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Written by Johnny Dean.