Bucs Way Too Early 2019 Season Predictions


In general I would like to say that I tend to be more optimistic heading into the off-season, and ramping up for next season. The slate is wiped clean (in Tampa’s case the head coach too), new players are added, and it starts to brew optimism. Everyone is undefeated before the regular season starts, and you feel like your team can take on the world. This is your team’s year. These past off-season’s that has been my thought process, but not for 2019. Simply switching out a head coach won’t cure all the teams problems overnight. There is much for this team to do in order to prove they can be a consistently winning product.

With that said here is my “Way Too Early 2019 Season Predictions”:

Home Games:

•Falcons: I’ll start on a high note and give the home team a W here.

•Panthers: Historically we play this team fairly close, but I say we lose this home game close.

•Saints: The home team didn’t fair to bad overall last year, and I like them to defend their home turf against a good Saints team.

•Cardinals: This one is going to sneak up on the Bucs, and they will lose to a bad team here.

•49ers: San Francisco is not a good football team. Maybe they are better with Jimmy G in 2019. That said they could pull an upset. Niners win.

•Texans: This is a really good playoff team, and the Bucs can’t defend dual-threat QB’s. Texans win.

•Colts: Even though the Bucs are inconsistent, they can surprise you with a good game or so. They will still come up short though.

•Giants: The goal is to stop Barkley to win the game. The Bucs find a way, and come out with their 2nd win.


Away Games:

•Falcons: The Bucs took the W at home, but the Falcons take a W at their house.

•Panthers: Cam Newton is a dangerous dual threat QB. It’s tempting to think we could steal one on the road, but the Panthers defend their home field.

•Lions: If this ends up being a December road game, mark this one as a L. As the Bucs do not play good football in December.

•Jaguars: The Jags are a confusing team, a year removed from the AFC Championship game, this team seems to be struggling with consistency as well. Bucs win one on the East Coast.

•Rams: This LA team is no joke, and playing them on the road won’t get any easier. This one will be a tough one on the Bucs. Rams win.

•Saints: Every year it seems like the Bucs play the Saints tough in the Super Dome. They play them tough again, and sneak out with a road win.

•Seahawks: Playing in Seattle is no easy task, and the Bucs should come close but won’t pull away a W.

•Titans: The Titans are a team that is seemingly always riddled with injuries at QB. If both sides are healthy (or not), I still see a Tampa Bay win in Tennessee.


2019 Record: 5-11


Now the official schedule has not yet been released, and could definitely alter the prediction record based on how things fall. That said, I believe the Bucs have a tough go of it in 2019, but there is still a chance they could take a step forward this year if they learn how to win close games.

What’s YOUR “too early season predictions?” drop them in the comments below!