The Alliance of American Football


So, Bucs fans, the postseason is about to kick off, and once again our Bucs are watching from home just like we are. We all are still feeling a bit salty over the season and looking toward the hiring of new staff at the moment.

The one thing we won’t have to worry about this season is lack of football after the Superbowl, an issue which has plagued football fans since time began. There’s a new league here now, the AAF.

This February 9th, one week after the Superbowl, the inaugural season of the Alliance of American Football kicks off. And in an ironic sort of twist on the Bucs, the Orlando Apollos kick off the season against the Atlanta Legends.

Bill Polian is the co-founder of this league, which is riddled with coaches and staff formerly of the NFL and college ranks. Some of the NFL’s favorite back-up QBs will be getting a second chance here. The Orlando Apollos’ HC is none other than the old ball coach himself, Steve Spurrier.

There is quality here. And isn’t that what we’ve been waiting on since the USFL?

Training camp began today for the AAF. The Apollos loaded up and flew to Antonio for their camp Thursday.

So, Bucs Fans. Instead of going into post-football depression this year, go check out the AAF. Even if Orlando isn’t for you, there are seven other teams in the league to choose from. For more information on this new league checkout their website,

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Written by Johnny Dean.