Thank You, Buccaneer Fans


maelstrom: a powerful whirlpool inside a sea or river

Somewhere between the firing of Dirk Koetter and hiring of Bruce Arians one thing became quite apparent to me, social media does in fact serve a useful purpose in our future.  Understanding Google algorithms, Facebook friend listings or Tinder “boom-boom-boom swipes” is for nerds.  I’m talking about 24-hours-a-day, dialed-in, all things Buccaneer news coverage!

I know.  Cue the eye roll.  In Tampa Bay we have become all too accustomed to the season ending before, or just after, the new year.  Then we pack up our emotional NFL baggage until April when a second(2nd) round pick in the NFL draft could bring a kicker or running back to Tampa Bay.  The times, they are a-changin’.

Now, by no fault of my own (thanks, Keith Larson), I am dialed in with a group of passionate, informed Buccaneer reporters and fans who are hitting my social media feeds with news I want to hear, and way before I used to get it previously.  This has been a busy ten (10) days with the NFL firing and replacing 25% of its head coaches, our home team being one of them.  But the NFL has become a 365 business.  I’m not advocating for everybody to turn on, tune in and drop out.  We still need selfies, check-ins and the occasional lulz cat video.  But the Buccaneers are my team.  I have a computer in my pocket (more eye rolls?), and if I’m going to be dialed in 24 hours a day, having the chance to quickly scroll through Buccaneer news is a nice tool to have.

“Welcome to our lives.”

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