No More Excuses!!


Some of you don’t remember, but when the Bolts fired Terry Crisp, their original coach, they hired Jacques Demers. He did an entire press conference about how the cheating stops now and no more excuses. They used to play it before the games. “The fans have been cheated here by the players, and that’s the end of that,” he said. Yesterday reminded me of that day.

So what am I getting at? The excuses stop today for this organization. We have the coach we want, and we have someone who works well with Jason. So, Jason, you have your guy now whom you have a history with. I hope you listen to Bruce and get guys who want to play all the time and not when they feel like it.

Jaboo, you have the QB whisperer, someone who has coached great QB’s and is known for making QB’s better. For the record, I am a die-hard Gator, and I am 100% behind Winston as I know he gives us the best chance to win now and in the future. I have seen way too many bad QB’s play for this franchise. This hire is not to save Winston but to make him a great QB.

You want the defense to play aggressively, blitz the QB, play press man and be able to play all out. Well, Todd Bowles will let you do that. We will not have any more guys on this roster who will not do what is asked by the defense coaches. We want to bring back the glory days and what this franchise was known for, a great defense.

The time is now for the Bucs to win, and yes, every year teams go from worst to first. It’s a parody league, so the excuses stop now about not having what you need to win from so many in the organization as well as on the roster. Stop cheating the fans and make the playoffs. I want next year to be a December to remember, not just a bunch of draft talk.

As my man Vance Enriquez, who is the cook of the Buccaholics tailgates, says, “LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”