Some Bucs Fans Take a Wait and “C” Approach


You may not have heard yet, but the Buccaneers’ new head coach Bruce Arians kind of has a reputation for bringing out the best in his quarterbacks. A true believer in second chances, the offensive wizard from Paterson, New Jersey seems the perfect muse to help the 25-year-old gunslinger from Bessemer, Alabama regain his swagger.

To say that Jameis Winston faced his most challenging season as a football player in 2018 would seem an understatement. He is just five (5) years removed from leading the Florida State Seminoles to the national championship, along the way becoming the youngest player to win the Heisman trophy. Just four (4) years after being the #1 overall draft pick and going to the Pro Bowl as a rookie, Winston found himself bounced from backup to starter, twice. Neither time was injury related. What may have seemed like perfect sense at the time was not. The Buccaneers, like a listing vessel, were searching for any way possible to right the ship. Now it seems as though Winston’s ship has come in.

There are stars at the bottom of the captain’s patch that indicate the number of years a player has served in that capacity. If a player reaches a fifth (5th) consecutive year, that star turns to gold. Going into this offseason, Jameis Winston will be handed the keys to the Buccaneer offense and given a chance to prove once again that he is deserving of the designation team caption. As the S.S. Arians prepares to set sail out to sea, Buccaneer fans hope to once again see the “C” on #3.