Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3 Reasons Why Bruce Arians was the right choice


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcomed Bruce Arians as their new head coach. They had to decide their future after going 5-11 for the last two years under Dirk Koetter. The Glazers wanted to make a change, and this time get it right. They had general manager Jason Licht go out and interview what they thought would be the right fit. Arians has worked with Licht before, so he knows what he must do to bring the Buccaneers back to greatness. Here are 3 reasons why Bruce Arians is the right choice for the Buccaneers.

1. Winning

Arians has won everywhere he has been. When he took over for then cancer struck Chuck Pagano, it seemed to be a natural fit. He was able to rally a young Indianapolis Colts team. That team wanted to win for Pagano. They did just that, and when Pagano got back to better health Arians left to become the Head Coach for the Arizona Cardinals. He won with the Cardinals, and even had an appearance at a NFC Championship game. He ultimately retired after the 2017 season, with the reason being that his health caught up with him. Now he is back, and seemingly rejuvenated, and has his eyes set to bring that winning culture back to the Buccaneers.

2. Family

Arians mentioned in his press conference yesterday that he feels like the Buccaneers are a good family. He stated that it starts at the top with ownership. It then filters down to the general manager and then to the head coach. The next level is the quarterback. Arians really like Jameis Winston. Winston met him while he was in high school,and they seemed to form a similar bond over similar experiences early in their adult life. Surely Arians guiding Winston will help the young QB develop and lead the Buccaneers to more wins.

3. He believes the Bucs can win now

Now, most of the experts say that even though the Buccaneers brought Arians in it will be a while until they get back on the winning track. On the other hand, Arians said that he believes he has the team that can win now. Buccaneer fans need to start winning, as it has been a while since they have had the taste of a winning season. Especially one that led to the playoffs. He will evaluate every player, and have the best 53 men to represent the 2019 Buccaneers. In my opinion, I believe that he can build a winning team that will start in 2019.

Out of all the coaches available out there Arians was the right fit. The Buccaneers and their fans have been searching for a coach since Tony Dungy and John Gruden. Arians will use his knowledge, and turn around the losing culture that the Buccaneers currently have. He brings with him winning, family, and belief in the team he has. In his own words “I’m not about rebuilding. I’m about reloading.”, and seeks to rejuvenate this team. Without a doubt he was  definitely the right choice.