Playoff Siberia


Opinion Editorial

The Tampa Bay area had a cold snap recently. While most Bay area residents were shocked by the chill in the air, Bay area Buccaneers fans are used to being left out in the cold this time of year.

Playoffs, a term that is foreign to Buccaneers fans in the same way your breath escapes your lungs in the cold weather.

Since hosting the Lombardi Trophy after the 2002 season, the Buccaneers have made the playoffs twice. That’s two times in 16 years, including 11 straight years without a playoff appearance. That’s not just being left out in the cold. That’s Playoff Siberia. During that time the Buccaneers have gone through several GM’s, a handful of coaches, hundreds of players and millions and millions of dollars. They have changed coaches, quarterbacks, general managers, uniforms and even the scoreboard.

But the results on the field and on that very scoreboard haven’t changed.

They’ve had rumors of players on drugs, coaches out partying with players, players showing up intoxicated, players not showing up for meetings, and players not showing up on the field. They’ve had MRSA, a billboard campaign to fire a coach. They’ve had several slogans like “Siege the Day” and “Wreak Havoc.” There has been no havoc wreaked nor days sieged. Just the same result year in and year out.

Through all these years the Buccaneers have spent residing in Playoff Siberia there is only one thing they haven’t tried. Putting a “football guy” in a position higher than General Manager. The media and fanbase bash on our coaches, players, General Managers, scouts, trainers, and even the water boy. But it’s the owners. Yes, I know that’s low hanging fruit, but hear me out.

The Glazers appear to have the best intentions but not the best course of action. You have to wonder why they seem to repeat the same process while getting the same result and can’t connect the dots. Is it as simple as pure ego? Maybe it’s just them desperately trying to prove they can win a championship without Rich McKay calling the shots.

Ask any three random Bucs fans what the problem is, and you’ll probably get three different answers. Ask the Glazers what the problem is, and you will get the cold shoulder and maybe a new coach or uniform.

I don’t have all the answers. But I do know repeating the same process that hasn’t worked isn’t going to suddenly work. As my kid said to me, “Isn’t that the definition of insanity?”

Yes, little man, that’s exactly what it is.