AAF: Really Good Football


*Opinion Editorial. Fan From The Stands*

Last night I witnessed something I hadn’t seen in a long time.
“Really good football.”

I had been looking forward to the AAF (Alliance of American Football) opening night simply because I am a football junkie.
I didn’t know what to expect. I had hope this league would succeed, but now I think they could flourish.
I, like many other football fans, have been wallowing in the NFL quagmire of over officiated rules, never ending roughing the passer calls and unnecessary roughness penalties to the point I had forgotten the exhilaration of watching a QB get pounded into tomorrow.
The defensive highlights alone would make Chris Berman feel young again. And if you were tuned into the Orlando Apollos game, you know that hit on Matt Simms reminded you of the one that busted Chris Simms spleen.
Oh my.
Edge rusher Terrence Garvin is a beast with multiple sacks and 2 picks. One of which went for 6.
If you’re a Bucs fan then this may feel strange witnessing such a spectacle and enjoying a 40-6 victory.

Steve Spurrier promised to bring with him the Fun-N-Gun offense us old-timers were used to from him. So far so good.

I know it was one game. I know we can’t judge on such a small sampling.
I also know I will be tuning in to every game I can.
If the rest of these games give me an ounce of the pleasure this one did I will be a fan for life.

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Written by: Johnny Dean