Video: The AAF shows us some of the good hard hits the NFL is missing


Last night CBS premiered two games. One of which was a matchup with the San Antonio Commanders playing host to the San Diego Fleet. In what was one of the Alliance’s inaugural games that night, Commander LB Shaan Washington started with a boom by laying a clean hard-hitting sack on Fleet QB Mike Bercovici, and forced a fumble. What a hit, and that type of play is sorely missed in the NFL.

Washington reminded pro football that QB’s are players too, and leave the bubble wrap at home. Last season the NFL took QB protection to a whole new level that made it very difficult for pass rushers to make, what league determined, a clean hit. This new rule irked many players and fans last season.

“In some instances, the defender used all or part of his body weight to land on the quarterback immediately after the ball was thrown. These actions put the quarterback at risk for injury. The Officiating Department will emphasize that the defender is responsible for avoiding landing on the quarterback when taking him to the ground.” (Read full 2018 rule changes HERE.)

The AAF has decided not to follow the NFL’s steps in that rule, and from the example on Saturday night in San Antonio and Orlando, it makes for a better product on the field. In a time where the NFL has put a major focus on safety, they have run the risk of shedding some quality from the storied game. Now this is not to say player safety can’t make strides in the coming years, but it shouldn’t have to come at the expense of the quality of the game.

Without a doubt Goodell and the rest of the NFL was watching last night, and they saw Washington’s hard hit for sure. Hopefully they take note, and adjust for the 2019 season.