Football Is the King!!!


Well, this past weekend the debut of the AAF showed up on our TV sets on CBS, and do you know what it showed us? Football is still king in American sports from coast to coast. When a minor football league starts on a Saturday opposite the NBA marquee prime time game of the week and shows a better rating, that’s a statement.

When the Super Bowl ends, we all get that depression—no more football till Pre-Season in August—and we get so excited for that awful product (yes, preseason is bad and worse at full season prices). The Hall of Fame game becomes like a holiday because we know real NFL football is just weeks away.

We watch the draft combine, soon to be all day on the NFL Network, and go nuts when someone runs an amazing 40-yard dash. It goes viral on social media because someone ran a 4.25, and then when the pads go on, we get let down. Then so many of us say, “I told you so,” because we love football.

The AAF now fills a void we all have in our lives because we love football and it’s not trying to compete with the NFL, so that is a good thing. I know it’s not great football, but it’s the game America loves that we all miss now every weekend. Tampa is a football town, and why do I say that? I was at the Thunder Dome (now Tropicana Field) with 25,000 thousand-plus fans watching the Tampa Bay storm of the AFL.

If you show me any form of decent football after the NFL season, I am gonna watch it because football is king to all of us. So yes, I will be watching the AAF this weekend.


Video credit: AAF Zone