AAF Week 3 Review


After this weekend’s games, some things are begining to stand out in the AAF.

Coaching, for one thing is begining to show up.
Teams now have tape on each other, and it’s begining to show.
The West Coast Conference no longer has any undefeated teams left.
The East Coast Conference seems to be headed for a battle between the leagues best 2 teams (Apollos & Iron) in a week 5 matchup. Which could amount to the AAF game of the year showdown.

Exciting stuff.
And then there’s Atlanta and Memphis.
Although both teams have had moments where they seemed to be growing, they have both found ways to regress. Most of them due to poor QB play.
They are polar opposites of the league leaders the Apollos and the Iron. Both have been in close games and yet found ways to overcome. In one case (the Iron) with solid defense and a RB who makes the big play, in the other case (Apollos) with a confident QB and a diverse offensive scheme.
Both the top teams have adapted each week.
Mike Martz’s San Diego Fleet finally showed us this weekend some of that coaching offensive ability’s .
Three weeks in now and the AAF is only getting better.

This next game for Orlando is in Utah against the Salt Lake Stallions, at the begining of the season this seemed a guaranteed “W” on the books, but now who knows?
The only basis I have for the Apollos win prediction is their record of 3-0 right now.
But the fact is Utah is a long road trip, and home teams have held a distinct advantage in the Alliance thus far. I’m still predicting a week 5 matchup of undefeated team. If I’m wrong, oh well, I guess I can always blame the leagues growing pains.

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Written by: Johnny Dean