Bruce Arians The Compass This Team Has Been Missing


The Buccaneers are looking to steer the ship out of the fog that they have been mired in these last couple of years. Some have blamed their inability to steer towards clearer skies on a lack of passion and motivation. The new captain at the helm is looking to point that ship in the right direction.

It’s not to say there was anything irresponsible in the way Dirk Koetter coached the Buccaneers. Most layman fans will tell you that there should be no motivation needed for professional athletes who are payed a king’s ransom to play a child’s game. Only this is truly not the way professional sports works for all teams.

With his offensive coordinator mentality Dirk Koetter has always been used to installing his offense each week, working on the X’s and O’s with the quarterbacks and coaches in the room, leaving it to somebody else to do the motivating. This seemed to be lacking across the entire Buccaneer team in 2018.

Let’s call it the rah-rah factor. Players need pushing, some more than others. Some may need extra discipline, some less. But there is genuine value in the ability to motivate players with passionate words. To allow players to be self-accountable yet move the room with a speech that stirs emotion, raises heart rates, and creates a team fervor that will spill out onto the field. A motivation that puts momentum squarely behind the team from the very start.

Bruce Arians will coach ‘em now and hug ‘em later. He will not sugarcoat observations he sees in game, and he will be the first person to meet a player coming off the field with a congratulatory hug, constructive criticism, or just an “‘at-a-boy.”

Lastly, with “Captain Kangol” calling the plays, the players on both sides of the ball will hold themselves more accountable. For they know in order to be able to risk it and fling the biscuit, it will sometimes require accountability when the reward doesn’t equate the risk.

But the great news is that just knowing that they have a head ball coach who will let them do what it takes to throttle the opposition. It will set the tone from the very start of training camp. These Buccaneers will work together with Coach Arians’ philosophy to keep the ship steered clear of any future fog banks.