Bucs Report/Apollos Watch Party – More Than Just a Watch Party!


Are there Buccaneers fans anywhere who would be surprised to know that besides watching the Orlando Apollos beat the Memphis Express 21-17 Saturday night, there was a ton of Buccaneer conversation going down at Ferg’s? This is exactly what these events are all about. We are rooting for the undefeated Apollos to keep the ball rolling, but it is about friends getting together for some good food, great conversation, and lots and lots of fun. This is why the Bucs Report is hosting these events.

I’m with you! During the NFL season I have particular parties I go to (actually, I don’t have any, but if you extend an invite, I’ll bring the corn chips). Anyway, my point being there isn’t a whole lot of time to be meeting too many new people on an NFL Sunday. There are the pre-shows, the pre-pre-shows, twelve (12) hours of actual games followed by the post shows, and the post-post shows. How are we expected to meet new people when we have so much content to digest? But these Apollos’ games are giving us a reason to celebrate an undefeated professional Florida team, and the best part is we can watch with a glancing eye as we meet new people, catch up with old friends, and still enjoy the beautiful weather Florida has to offer as well as the other sports fare that is on television this time of year.

I wanted to make a special shout out to Tranise M. Wilson and Chuck Fitzpatrick, the most awesome couple I have had the pleasure of meeting in quite a long time. You might recognize their names, being two of Buc’n’Blake’s finest. I had recognized them but never had the pleasure to meet them. Tranise was there to watch her South Carolina Gamecocks, then joined us for some of the Apollos game. Talk soon turned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I believe between the three of us we finally have a plan worked out for who gets new contracts, who gets franchised for a year, and who might be sent packing. Chuck and Tranise also invited me to go to London with them to watch the Buccaneers next season, although I’m pretty sure they don’t know yet. Anyway, it is these chance encounters, this sports comradery that makes events like this so much fun.

I look forward to seeing T & C and a lot of the rest of you out at Ferg’s in the weeks to come. The food is good, the friendships are free, and the memories are solid.