Beau Allen Donates 4,500 Books to Bay Area Kids


Beau Allen recently donated 4,500 books to the Bay Area kids, which was then matched by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Social Justice Fund Foundation as well as the Chris Long Foundation, which is how Allen originally got involved in the campaign.

“One of my former teammates and a friend of mine is Chris Long. He turned me on to his literacy campaign. Basically how it works is we played the Eagles earlier in the season and we set something up where I donated to his literacy campaign and then he matched it,” said Allen.

Allen also took time out to sit and read to about 30 preschoolers at North East Park Preschool. The kids chose for him to read Green Eggs and Ham and Beauty and the Beast.

“I was joking that I was a little nervous, but it’s true,” he said lightheartedly. ” I didn’t want to stumble over any words or anything like that, but they get so invested in the story. I am really lucky to be part of it.” He added, “Read, having access to books, literature, I just wanted to get involved in that. Also, it’s just fun to come out here and read to these guys and interact with them, get some of their energy and enthusiasm. It’s just a lot of fun.”

In addition to his involvement in the Literacy Campaign with Long, Allen is also getting ready to participate in the yearly climb at Mount Kilimanjaro as part of Long’s Waterboys campaign that brings NFL players together to provide clean drinking water to communities in need, after the foundation received $15,000 in donations, a goal they set out to reach for Allen to participate.

Good luck out there, Beau!

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