Buyer Beware in FA


Well, we are close to the season the Bucs tend to win on paper almost every offseason, which is Free Agency. We know Jason is almost undefeated in this season of Free Agency. The Bucs were so excited when we signed Anthony Collins, Michael Johnson, J.R. Sweezy and Chris Baker. The list I could create could go on and on and on, but I won’t do that to Bucs Nation because I need to let those wounds heal.

I know we are excited about the potential targets the Bucs could go after, like Bell or Mathieu, and maybe a trade for AB. Do teams really let their best players go? I don’t think so. Now, they may manage the cap poorly and that forces them to lose them, but no way a team lets go of franchise players.

We are all looking at that list of UFA’s and can say, “Oh wow, we could use this or that to help turn around this franchise.” Just remember—when you sign the player to that UFA contract, you get the player and the baggage.

So yes, buyer, beware. Because new guys in a locker room that we all know is not that strong yet can upset its young core of talent. You want the player, but you don’t want the bad locker room guy like DeSean Jackson, Brent Grimes or Chris Baker.

Also, for Jason on the last year of his contract, all I can say is before you make that call to a UFA, make sure you do your homework. So buyer, beware in this Free Agency Season.