Apollos Linebacker Terence Garvin Is Making Some Waves.


So I’m sitting here with Blake Cabble, and Peter Blake enjoying the Apollos game here at the Bucs Report’s live watch party at Ferg’s, in St. Petersburg.  Having a great time watching the undefeated Apollo’s handling he Birmingham Iron.  One of the players that stands out for me is a certain Apollo’s linebacker that has been terrorizing opposing offenses for over a month of the AAF season.  That linebacker is Terence Damian Garvin.

We are sitting here talking with fans that are stopping by with so many great things to say about the AAF, and all of the things they are doing right.  One of my favorite things to do as I watch an AAF game, besides break down every play with football geniuses like Blake & Blake is to immediately use the powernof the internet in my pocket to see the histories of these players that are laying it on the line for another shot at football glory with these AAF teams.  So when a beast like Garvin gets into my head, it’s really gets me thinking, where did this guy come from?

Well, Mr. Terence Garvin played college football for the West Virginia Mountaineers.  He was invited to attend the Steelers rookie camp, and initially spent time on the practice squad.  Garvin would be signed to the Steelers active roster on September 3rd, 2013. He gained a bit of noteriety in week 15 versus the Bengals when he would break the jaw of punter Kevin Huber during a runback for a touchdown by Antonio Brown.  The block was not penalized at the time, but the NFL would layer penalize the young linebacker $25,000.

After playing a year for the Washington Redskins, almost exclusively on special teams, Garvin would stop for coffee in Seattle, Miami, and San Francisco. And was ultimately released by the Niners in September last season.

Now Terence Garvin finds himself in an upstart league, on an undefeated team, and making a strong case to be making plans to be in an NFL camp near you this fall.  For now, we will enjoy the great football the 5-0 Apollos are treating us to.  As a developmental league, players will come and go.

For now, the only development we will concern ourselves with are the undefeated Apollos.