Don’t Panic!!!


Okay, Tampa Bay. I need you all to be like Will Ferrell in the movie Old School when he says to the Lambda Epsilon Omega guys, “We can’t have anyone freak out there. We have to keep our composure. We have come too far!”

The Bucs lost some players on a team that was 5-11 for the last two years. These players were not from a championship team. They were from a losing team that finished in the basement of the NFC South multiple times. I know people get emotionally attached to players like Kwon Alexander and Adam Humphries because they saw them as rookies develop with the Bucs and make some splash plays. These players also made some bad plays as well.

The numbers don’t lie. They didn’t elevate the team to a playoff team and didn’t help the worst defense of the last two years in the NFL. The last player the Bucs lost, DeSean Jackson, was for the best. I wrote months ago that the Bucs had to get rid of the player who was dividing the locker room at One Bucs Place.

The last I time checked, I have not seen anyone hand out titles or playoff berths for winning Free Agency. If so, the Bucs would be one of the winningest franchises in the NFL.

The Bucs are addressing needs, and they are not done yet. There are still players on this current roster who will get cut to free up money when those moves are ready to be made.

Also don’t forget that Bruce Arians’ record in his first 3 years in Arizona was 10-6, 11-5 and 13-3. Please trust the process that Tampa Bay’s new Head Coach is going through now. If they really needed to make a move, Jason Licht would do it. As his job is on the line.

It has been frustrating with the number of years Tampa Bay has gone without a playoff berth, but don’t panic. Tampa Bay has a good team, and with some better coaching you could see a winner very soon. Like 2019 soon. Take a moment and breathe. It will be okay.