2019 Bucs Offseason Tracker 


Below is a running collection of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2019 offseason moves. This article will be updated throughout the offseason as additional moves are made.

Free Agents Signed:
– K. Brice (S)
– D. Bucannon (S/LB)
– E. Watford (OL)
– A. Ellington (RB)
– S. Barrett (LB)
– B. Perriman (WR)
– B. Pinion (P)

Free Agents Lost:
– R. Fitzpatrick (QB) Miami
– A. Taylor (LB) Cleveland
– A. Humphries (WR) Tennessee
– K. Alexander (LB) San Francisco
– A. Adams (S) Detroit
– A. Cross (FB) Retired
– J. Shaw (S) Arizona

– M. Unrein (DT)
– B. Anger (P)
– V. Curry (DE)

– K. Minter (LB)
– D. Smith (OT)
– D. Harris (CB)
– R. Nunez-Roches (DT)
– C. Santos (K)
– D. Bond (LB)
– R. Griffin (QB)
– P. Barber (RB)

– D. Jackson (WR)

– I. Johnson (S)
– M. Liedtke (OT)

Free Agents Unsigned:
– C. Conte (S)
– J. Rodgers (RB)
– B. Grimes (CB)
– C. Lynch (LB)
– G. Sanborn (LS)
– L. Wester (OT)