Winston Wants To Play At 250 lbs In 2019


Jameis Winston‘s playing weight has been a source of conversation for a couple of off-seasons now. He initially played a little heavier. Then he hired a world-renowned personal trainer to slim down. Now according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times he is wanting to play a bit thicker?

“I’m getting it. I’m going to play bigger this year,” Winston said Saturday. “I’m about 250. Yeah. A solid 250. It’s just about hydration and being at the peak body, too.”

Last season Winston had a listed playing weight of 231 lbs, and adding 19 lbs to his playing weight this year could prove to be quite a difference. As this additional weight isn’t coming from late night food runs. Instead through extensive off-season workouts to keep his body at “peak” performance as he puts it.

Bruce Arians doesn’t seem to mind either, per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

There isn’t anyone who would doubt the hard work and dedication Winston gives off the field, as he has given endless examples to pull from. His off-season dedication though isn’t the reason for concern. It’s his mechanics.

Without a doubt Winston has all of the talent needed in order to be a successful QB in the NFL, but will need to work on the mechanics of the game in order to take that next step. Which is a high priority for Bruce Arians and the offensive coaching staff.

One thing is for sure, Winston knows this is the year where the rubber meets the road, and no excuses will be taken. It is his year to prove that he’s the answer under center for the long-term. And he is looking to pull all the stops to make it happen.