Rossi’s Early Season Game By Game Predictions


Week 1: Home vs San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers may hold the series lead over the Bucs, but Tampa Bay seems to have a better overall team at this point despite some of the question marks on defense. Arians gets his first win to start off his head coaching career reboot. Bucs win, 27-14. 

Week 2: At The Carolina Panthers, TNF
The Bucs have consistently struggled against the Panthers. And they have had a tough time containing mobile QB Cam Newton. The Bucs are brought down to earth quick, and head into week 3, 1-1. Bucs lose, 10-28.

Week 3: Home vs New York Giants
In their week 11 matchup with the Giants last season, it should have been a matchup that Tampa Bay could have easily won. Instead they let Eli Manning throw 2 TD’s Saquon Barkley rush for 142 yards and 2 TD’s. Even though New York’s offense traded away its star WR and QB is somewhat of a question mark, the Giants could very well steal this one away. Bucs lose, 28-31.

Week 4: At The Los Angeles Rams
The Bucs will head into LA 1-2, and will face a tough Rams team led by Sean McVay. The Bucs will pick up their 3rd loss, and try to change their luck in New Orleans next week. Bucs lose, 34-21.

Week 5: At The New Orleans Saints
The Superdome is one of the hardest places to play in the NFL. Good thing for the Bucs is that they have had luck in Cajun Country during Jameis Winston‘s tenure. Tampa Bay will shock Saints fans in a close one to go 2-3. Bucs win, 20-17.

Week 6: “Home” At London/Home vs Carolina Panthers
The Buccaneers play a home game in London against the Panthers, and it will be the third time total they have played in London. Unfortunately for the Bucs they have lost the previous two games there. Their fortunes won’t change this time around either, and fall to 2-4. Bucs lose, 10-27.

Week 8: At The Tennessee Titans
The Titans and Bucs QB’s both have something to prove to their franchises. That they are the long-term solution at quarterback. The defense will have a strong showing against Mariota and company to compliment steady offensive play. Bucs win, 27-14.

Week 9: At Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks have been one of the better teams in recent years, but the Bucs seem to have had their number during that time as well. As they have won the last 4 of 5 matchups. Even though the travel back to the west coast in the second back to back road game, the find a way to get back to .500. Bucs win, 21-17.

Week 10: Home vs Arizona Cardinals
The last three meetings for the Bucs have not been pretty, but they have also had to face Bruce Arians during that time. Well now Arians is playing for the home team. With Arizona having a rookie head coach, and possibly a rookie QB, the Bucs will have a field day with the Cardinals and get to 5-4. Bucs win, 34-14.

Week 11: Home vs New Orleans Saints
The Bucs stole the week 5 matchup in Louisiana. Drew Brees and company gets even this time. Bucs come up short in a heart breaker. Bucs lose, 14-17.

Week 12: At The Atlanta Falcons
This will be the first time the Bucs have faced off against former Head Coach Dirk Koetter since he was dismissed at the end of last season. Both teams will want this one bad. In an odd twist, OC Koetter finds a way to win a close game. Bucs lose, 21-24.

Week 13: At The Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jaguars seem to be a mess at the moment. Nick Foles as the starter, and a team that was a shell of itself after getting to the AFC championship game. Bucs come out on top in the in-state matchup and get to 6-6. Bucs win, 27-13.

Week 14: Home vs Indianapolis Colts
The Colts will have Andrew Luck back, given that he stays healthy, and the Bucs will face a tough test from this playoff team. The Colts will put a nail in the coffin of the Bucs playoff hopes by handing them their 7th loss of the season. Bucs lose, 28-10.

Week 15: At The Detroit Lions
Matt Patricia had a rough go of it in his first season as a head coach in the NFL. That won’t change this year with a Lions team still trying to find its way. The Bucs will be just good enough to win this one, and experienced coaching by Arians will make all the difference. Bucs get to 7-7 to keep their playoff hopes alive. Bucs win, 31-10.

Week 16: Home vs Houston Texans
Deshaun Watson. That’s lone factor that will make this matchup hard to win on defense. The offense may hit its stride, but it won’t be enough. Bucs lose, 28-31.

Week 17: Home vs Atlanta Falcons
This game could have playoff implications for the Falcons, or they may very well have a spot secured or have been eliminated at this point. Either way, with the Bucs playoff hopes all but officially over they don’t have much to play for. Bucs lose, 14-23 and go 7-9 on the season.