Arians Doesn’t Want To Hear It



Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians doesn’t want to hear about “position values”.

Apparently it was Devin White all along for Arians and the Buccaneers. That may or may not alleviate some peoples concerns, but as you can see by the quote, Bruce Arians thinks it ridiculous to think that White wasn’t the right pick.



  1. I was happy with the White pick although I woulda also been ok with Allen. But, WTF on drafting 6 DBs in the last 2 years with premium picks, not to mention 9 DBs since 2016 including a #11 overall. And now a F’ing kicker again?? No OL when Dotson is over the hill and oft injured, and our C and RG are subpar?. No RB when calling any of our current backs average would be a big complement to them. How about a DL or another LB? We needed a 9th DB more than another LB. 4-3?, 3-4? looks more like we will be running that awesome 1-1-9. Then again it has looked like we were running that defense the last couple of years any way.

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