Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Possible Devin White Contract Numbers


With the Buccaneers making the selection of Devin White official, the next step is to sign on the dotted line. Position always plays a factor in exactly how big the pay day is, but make no mistake, Devin White will be paid handsomely. I looked into a few comparisons for past few years, and here’s what I came up with.

Roquan Smith

The most recent linebacker to go close to number five overall, is the speedy linebacker from the university of Georgia, Roquan Smith. Smith blew away the combine and had the stats to match. The Bears pulled the trigger and took him at number eight overall. It took a while, but Smith finally signed an $18.4 million deal with the Bears in August of 2018. The deal was for four years with a fifth year option and $11.5 million guaranteed.

Bradley Chubb

Last years, fifth overall pick burst on the scene last year aiding and already stout Broncos pass rush. The 22 year old posted 12 sacks in his rookie year. It does help being on the same line as Von Miller, but it Chubb looks special. His contract was for four years, $27 million, with a fifth year option.

What’s that mean for Devin White?

Including both his position and the place at which he was taken, my best guess is that White will get a four year deal worth about $24 million. That’s comparable to Roquan Smith, but with a little bump because he was taken three picks before Smith was. Four years with a fifth year option and about $13 million guaranteed seems to be in the ball park.

With the Bucs cap trouble, Mike Greenburg will need to do some clever financial maneuvering to make it possible to sign all the draft picks from this draft. That could mean some big cuts or trades to come in the near future.

*All contract numbers from overthecap.com