Why McCoy To Cleveland Makes Sense


When it was first reported that the Cleveland Browns might be speaking with the Buccaneers about working a swerve for Gerald McCoy, it made so much sense.  It makes sense for cap strapped home team that needs to find a creative way to get a little cap space. It also unloads a local hero that really just doesn’t fit all too well in the new 3/4 defensive scheme that new DC Todd Bowles will be employing this upcoming season.  This deal also made sense for the Cleveland Browns. A team that suddenly has put the pieces in place to give themselves a solid shot at not just the AFC North, but all points beyond.

The story first picked up in the Twitter universe after being posted on the Columbus Dispatch Twitter page.  A story written by Steve Doerschuk has picked up steam overnight and throughout the morning.

On 95.3 WDAE’s Pat & Aaron Show this afternoon, Doerschuk eluded to the fact that McCoy would immediately fit nicely into a defensive line by rotation, and bring a lot to the table for a team that has been climbing the NFL social ladder since GM John Dorsey has started to put together a nice run of personnel decisions over the past couple of seasons.

The Trade

The trade rumor for the Buccaneers has centered around former University of Miami, and 3rd round pick of the Browns,  RB Duke Johnson.  A player that was swinging in the trade breeze this off season, almost as much as McCoy.  The beauty of this deal is that it makes sense for both teams.

Even with Myles Garrett at defensive end, a six time pro bowl veteran like McCoy would immediately bring a strength to the defensive line rotation that a team with championship aspirations can use and a luxury that a team with a 2nd year QB in Baker Mayfield, on a cap friendly rookie contract can afford.  The Buccaneers would immediately add depth to a backfield situation that although Head Coach Bruce Arians says is moving forward, still looks shallow with Ronald Jones, Peyton Barber and company.

The Rub

On its surface it seems the Browns would be eating a little bit of crow, taking Gerald at his scheduled $13 million contract.  A contract that a team that brought $56 million in cap space to 2019 could certainly envelope.

It would seem as though the Buccaneers might be have to sweeten the pot, whether it be with draft picks, or a player to be named later, to fully get the Browns on board.  Again, just speculation.  Johnson just signed a $15.6 million contract last off season.  If the Browns did trade him, there would be $2.25 million in dead cap money to the Browns.

Again, a reason why the Buccaneers, who must unload McCoy’s $13 million deal, but would have no dead cap space will have to no doubt, make that pot oh so sweet for Dorsey to even talk to Licht about a serious trade.

Best Of Both Worlds

The Buccaneers relieve themselves of some cap space, get a RB that has shown flashes of brilliance.  The Browns get a legitimate inside threat to help Coach Kitchens, and the rest of the Browns get serious about playing some late January games without even a smirk.

As trades go, this one could be a doozey.  There is a lot of speculation in this article, but what else are are we going to do, wait for Summer camp?