Bowles Defense To Use 7 DB’s On 3rd Down



Buccaneers Safeties coach Nick Rapone said it would be common to see 7 defensive backs on the field in 3rd down situations in DC Todd Bowles defense.

I know you, like myself are trying to visualize how this would look?
Here is an example from the L.A. Chargers last year.

While Safeties coach Nick Rapone said the Buccaneers could use this formation on 3rd down we see it here being used on 1st down by the Chargers, with great success in this case.

While the pure shock some felt when hearing the plan to use 7 defensive backs was understandable, it appears this formation might be the new trend and is currently being used more and more often.

While I am skeptical, I’m definitely intrigued.