Is McCoy and Pierre Paul working out alone an Issue?


As minicamp starts to begin the question is should players come together as a team to work out? This, of course, can begin to build team chemistry before the season begins. For the rookies, it can be a chance to learn the system and have the veterans take them under their wing. Then some veterans may want to work out alone because they enjoy it. In the case of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there are two veteran players that are working out alone. That would be Jason Pierre-Paul and Gerald McCoy.

As a fan, I don’t believe that this is a terrible thing. Gerald McCoy days as a Buccaneer are numbered. The Buccaneers as we know are in serious cap space trouble. McCoy is on the books for 13 million. The Buccaneers will need that money to sign their recent draft picks. So, McCoy working out alone might be best for his benefit.

As far as Jason Pierre Paul he was a leader on the defense a year ago. As a player, he has the right to work out alone or with the team. If he came and worked out with the team then he could be there to help the young guys. He along with Vita Vea will be the primary focus of the Buccaneers defensive line unless McCoy is brought back. He is at this moment working out alone. That should not be an issue for the Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers have other issues coming into the season. One of them shouldn’t be worrying about two of their players working out alone.