Will Winston Earn A Second Contract?


One of the many questions facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is how will Jameis Winston earn his second contract? Up to this point, he will need to improve immensely. He has had issues on and off the field.

General Manager Jason Licht made a bold decision to hire Bruce Arians as his new head coach. Licht believes that Arians can help Winston. Arians is well known as the quarterback whisper. He has coached Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Carson Palmer. Of course, he also brought in Bryon Leftwich to help Winston as well.

The biggest problem is unless the defense improves the pressure will be on him. If he must continue to have to score on almost every drive it will be an uphill battle. Winston will also have to be better with his decision making. He has too many interceptions and fumbles. This will have to improve. Winston also needs to just throw the ball away instead of trying to force a play.

Arians can help guide Winston. If he can get Winston to stop with his mistakes then he should earn himself a second contract. The other factor is, of course, is off the field. These issues have haunted him since college at Florida State. He will have to deal with those demons on his own. It will be hard if he’s on and off the field, issues continue to haunt him. If he allows them to it will be over for him as a Buccaneer. Which in the end means he will be a starter or at worst a backup somewhere else.


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