Is Scott Miller The Answer In The Slot?


Whatever you think of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft, it’s over. It’s time to look ahead to the up coming season and trust Bruce Arians and his staff. One thing was clear from the Bucs draft, they wanted to add speed. Add speed they did, adding the fastest linebacker and the 1st and 5th fastest cornerbacks in the draft.

A New Slot Receiver

Later in the draft, the Bucs also added a relatively unknown wide receiver in Scott Miller from Bowling Green university. Miller is no slouch in the speed department. The Bowling Green product posted a 4.39 40 yard dash time at his pro day. Miller is a unique prospect that can be used in many ways.

Think what you will about Jason Licht, one thing is certain, he has done a great job drafting and finding wide receivers. With examples like Mike Evans, Adam Humphries, Chris Godwin, could Scott Miller be another find for Licht? Many are expecting Miller to be the next Adam Humphries. Although that could be what the Bucs have in mind, I said on draft day, Miller reminds me of John Brown.

Last week, Arians himself said that via (@JennaLaineESPN)

“Bucs’ sixth-round draft pick Scotty Miller will see endless comparisons to Adam Humphries but Bruce Arians believes he is more of a John Brown.”

John Brown had career years under Bruce Arians. In 2015 in only his second year, Brown posted 65 receptions, 1,003 yards and seven touchdowns. Once you start breaking down the game of both players, the comparison becomes crystal clear.

Mirror Images

In this play, both players use their speed to get by the cornerback, but more importantly, they secure the over the shoulder catch with both feet in bounds. First, Scotty Miller.

Even though both are relatively small receivers, they both possess the ability to get by the outside corner and make the catch. John Brown is shown doing the same as Miller below.

Back where they both play best, in the slot, both players are able to make defenders miss in tight windows. Both passes were short of the line to gain, yet both plays resulted in a first down.

The speed they both have, allows them to maximize catches made in the middle of the field. Here, both receivers catch it and turn up the field quickly. Hard to stop that combination of speed and quickness.


There are numerous highlights of both players working the sideline too. Below, Miller runs a crisp route and has the concentration to dive and make the catch to stay in bounds.

Slightly different look here for Brown with no dive involved, but the same concept. Great out breaking route and he maintains concentration to make the catch while staying in bounds.

Overall, there are many similarities between the two wide receivers. Both are extremely versatile with the ability to make plays from just about anywhere on the field. The question with Miller, as it was with Brown, is can he take the hits in the NFL?

I think he can. I said it after the draft, this might be one of my favorite picks of the draft. It fits a need and fills a well defined role within the Bruce Arians offense. Looking forward to seeing all the creative ways this staff will use Miller.

One more thing. Let’s all make a deal to say “It’s Miller Time” on the first touchdown Scott Miller scores. Deal? Deal.

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