Which Buccaneer Will Step Into The Leadership Role?



Yesterday’s news of the release of DT Gerald McCoy may have come as no surprise to some. McCoy was due $13 million this year with a Bucs team that, pre-release, was sitting at just near the cap limit. It was apparent something needed to be done and surely enough, news broke yesterday of McCoy’s release. Later that night Greg Auman of The Athletic posted on Twitter that the Buccaneers would be down to a handful of veterans coming into the 2019 season:

With 8 year veteran Lavonte David being the oldest leader of the team, which of the young Bucs will rise up and snag a leadership position?

It’s long been known that while David has been an absolute force since being drafted by the Bucs in 2012, he prefers a “let my game do the talking” sort of approach. A new leader will have to emerge in that locker room in order for players to have that game day voice to look forward to. Only question now is who will that voice be?

A common front runner would be Devin White, considering the amount of praise he’s received from coaches regarding his leadership and communication skills. What about DT Vita Vea? With McCoy’s departure, does he finally become a bigger locker room voice on his way to a break out season? Ali Marpet? Maybe OJ Howard? Time will tell. What we do know, however, is that the Buccaneers will be fielding a much younger team come September. Hopefully, that’s a good sign.

Written by: Joshua Omoregie