Times Are Changing At One Buc Place



New Head Coach. New Offensive Coordinator. New Defensive Coordinator. New 3-4 base defense. From coaches all the way down to team identity: the Buccaneers are seeing changes fast and with rapid succession. Truthfully, I think it’s about time we accept change.

Respect vs. Reality

We all know Gerald McCoy will be a respected Buc whenever he’s in Tampa. He held himself in that regard for 9 years and, truth be told, warrants a tad bit more respect than what he received on his way out. There are more honorable ways to depart with such a player considering what he’s done in the city of Tampa as a man.


The reality of the situation does, however, make this pill a little easier to swallow. The truth of the situation is simple, Gerald McCoy was not producing in comparison to what he was making, 13 million handed out to a guy who averages about 6 sacks a year just doesn’t make much sense anymore. McCoy had no intention of bringing that price tag down and that in itself led up to his departure.

Moving Forward

It looks like Bruce Arians has plans to make this team more aggressive. Arians put that on full display by signing free agent DT Ndamakung Suh to replace McCoy just a day after his release. Alot has changed around One Buc Place in the past few months, but after putting false hope in bad Bucs teams for nearly 9 years, could this be what we finally needed?