Thank you, Gerald McCoy!


After a lengthy process of speculation, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Gerald McCoy mutually parted ways on Monday.

After all, the 13 million McCoy would have cost the Bucs to keep him in 2019 was a little bit too much for the 31-year old defensive tackle.

Whether this move is the right one by the front office remains to be seen. Considering the salary cap issues Tampa Bay is facing at the moment, it definitely seems to be the correct choice.

McCoy was drafted by the Bucs as a third overall pick in the 2010 draft. On the one hand, he did not live up to the high expectations of many Bucs fans and NFL experts. On the other hand, though, he did end up going to six pro bowls in his nine years as a pro. Furthermore, from his viewpoint, the situation he was put in was terrible. With the exception of last season, he basically never had any considerable help along the defensive line. Naturally, this caused him to be double teamed on the majority of snaps he played.

After acquiring Bruce Arians, things did not look very bright for McCoy as far as staying with Tampa Bay is concerned. The new head coach questioned his ability to play at a high level and claimed he is no longer the player he used to be. Since then, it has been more or less obvious the Bucs were planning to cut ties with the former Oklahoma Sooner.

To make matters worse, throughout his career, he has received lots of criticism for playing too soft and for being too nice.

Nonetheless, McCoy’s lengthy tenure with the Buccaneers is undoubtedly respectable. He recorded a total of 297 tackles and added 54.5 sacks.

Moreover, his loss will be tough for the Tampa Bay community, as well. For instance, he pays for 500 children to be able to attend his football camp. He plays Santa Clause for multiple families and hands out personalized gifts that match the kids’ wish lists.

All in all, McCoy and his positivity will certainly be missed on and off the field. He always gave this organization and this community everything he had, arguably more. For that, he deserves appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you Gerald McCoy and best of luck for all your future endeavors!