Steve Wyche Sees Bucs As ‘Surprise Team’ in 2019


NFL analyst Steve Wyche recently appeared on NFL Network and gave his opinion about the new-look Buccaneers. Much to the surprise of many fans and other analysts, he believes Tampa Bay will stun the NFL in 2019.

With Arians as the new head coach, Wyche believes the Bucs can find away to turn the franchise around, just like the Arizona Cardinals did when they hired Arians.

“I think Tampa Bay with Bruce Arians’ impact and that coaching staff he is putting together, this is going to be one of the surprise teams in the NFL… When bruce Arians went to Arizona, you know what their record was the year before he got there? That would be 5-11. What was the Buccaneers’ record last year? 5-11… Bruce Arians, in one season, flipped that. 10-6 in Arizona. I think Tampa has the potential and the talent to flip it like that, even in that division.”

Without a doubt, that is certainly nice to hear for anyone in Tampa Bay. However, it is just the opinion of one person.

Wyche seems to have a lot of faith in Bruce Arians. Hopefully he is correct with his prediction. Realistically, however, it is highly doubtful. The defense is very young and unproven and will have to work in a different system with Bowles this year. There are still plenty of question marks on defense. Furthermore, the loss of Jason Pierre-Paul for potentially the whole season certainly does not help. If Bowles finds a way to get this defense to playing at an average level, or at least slightly below that, it would already be a huge step forward.

Offensively, we can only hope and pray that Arians and Winston connect. If they do, Wyche’s prediction of the Bucs going 10-6 might not be too far-fetched.


If you would like to see Steve Wyche’s sequence on NFL Network, you can find it HERE.