Chris Simms: “Jameis Winston is Special!”


In a recent appearance of “Pro Football Talk” on NBC Sports, former Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms talked about Jameis Winston. In this short video, Simms’ analyzed Winston’s passing style.

All in all, Chris Simms is a believer in Jameis and thinks that he can be elite if he finds a way to limit his mistakes.

“All in all, Jameis Winston is good… is special… We’ve just got to knock out some of that knucklehead stuff Jameis Winston does every few weeks that makes us all scratch our head and go, ‘What the heck was that?’” – Chris simms, nbc sports

You can watch his short video sequence below.

That is an interesting evaluation by Chris Simms. He definitely has a point. Winston could flourish if given the right supporting cast, which he might just have received in Bruce Arians.

For Jameis Winston to have success in 2019, it is important, however, for Arians to find a way to create a running game. The ground attack has been basically non-existant for years. Needless to say, that puts all the more pressure on the quarterback.

Hopefully Arians can turn this franchise around. He did it in Arizona and he certainly has the tools to do it in Tampa, as well. If the defense finds a way to improve, without a doubt, the Bucs will finally start winning again. However, that is a big if.

Conclusively, Chris Simms is right. Winston has all the tools it takes to be a special player in the NFL.